I imagine many of you making this question:

If Le Torte di Carla was doing so well, why did I stop making Wedding cakes?

So….. At one point I felt I needed  more.

I could continue with my cakes, of course i could, but will would always miss something.

As a gastronome, I like stress, adrenaline. In the atelier I lacked this, it has nothing to do with the love that I still have for my cakes, and of course I miss them , but I had to continue.

The fact that I was far from the gastronomy accelerated my decision.

And now, why Wedding & Event planner?

At the Marriage of a good friend of mine, I had the confirmation of how much a wedding planner is essential to live the marriage without thoughts. I often saw her in a panic mixed with lethal irritation. While she was greeting friends and dancing, the maître called her to find out if she could start serving the first or to warn her that the open bar's budget had been exceeded.

 No Way!!!

In short, the contingencies of marriage have interrupted magical moments that will never return. This is unthinkable, but that's what happens if you don't have a wedding planner. If it's not up to you to manage the event, it's up to your mother or your sister or anyone else! Would you ever want to deprive those who love you most of the fun and celebration by placing them on similar responsibilities? What if something goes wrong?

This is one of the many things that will not happen with me as a wedding planner. I will be present for the entire duration of the event to coordinate it and direct it to the fullest. Becoming a wedding planner means becoming the one who will make you a perfect marriage free from problems, anxieties and worries.

I want to give everyone an unforgettable day.

Here because.

I'm one step away from my final exam. The road has been long until here, but I'm proud ... I certainly did my best.

Your Carla

corso event management wedding planner

Le Torte di Carla - Gewinnerin Wedding Award 2016

Als Gewinnerin des Publikumpreises 2016 des Wedding Award Switzerland bedanke ich mich bei allen die mich unterstützt, gevotet und begleitet  haben.
Ich bin unglaublich stolz und es erfüllt mich mit grosser Freude, diese Auszeichnung für meine Arbeiten und Leidenschaft zu erhalten.